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Posted: May 14, 2013 in Fashion for men

hello guys

I am writing some very important for you that you should maintain yourself with a particular type of identity which nobody can copy. For this your thinking and your attitude should be unique and it depends upon your dressing style. You can be attractive by updating yourself .

The emphasis on this fashion trend is in its plurality, meaning the dudes should get comfortable owning more than just plaid. By mixing and matching two different patterns (three is pushing it and might leave others confusing you with a fabric swatch), men can create an interesting contrast in their look. Try pairing micro-plaid dress shirts with striped ties of similar colors to pull off a fun, business-casual look year round. Learn how to mix & match outfits and hopefully, how to pleasantly blend your summer colors

                                                                       Available at

Fashion Do’s

1. Colors, colors and more colors: This summer, brighten up your wardrobe with a mixture of shades. It’ll definitely spice up your appearance, among other things.

2.Different jeans
For a change, wear your fitted jeans without a belt. Also, dare to flaunt funkier-looking jeans, such as those with faded colors and cool stitching.

3.Summer fabricsTry to wear clothes made up of rich, summery fabrics such as linen and stretch cotton.


Available at


Fashion Dont’s 

1. loose shirts : A common mistake  done by many teens and even adult men these days that is they wear loose shirts. What they don’t understand is this is about too decade old. So well fitted shirts are now in.

2. Broad Jeans: Cowboys need them but you don’t , broad jeans signify the same non lean look which is kinda not cool this time.

3. Don’t be in the dark: In the summertime, try sticking to lighter colored suits and stay away from darker ones.

4.Stick to regular shorts:  Don’t wear always shorts.


With this tips guys enjoy summer 🙂

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